My zindagi’s(life) intro😊

Hie lovelies😘

At first let me tell u something about my Zindagi (life), and believe me it’s not ordinary or same like someone else’s . Yeah! Every morning I wake up, brush my teeth,take a fresh bath, have healthy breakfast, go to my not so special workplace, work for almost 9 hours, talk to my coworkers, after 7’ back to my sweet home, meet my kids, have dinner, some chit chat on cellphone( b’cuz I don’t  watching television), talk to my kids, think about this beautiful life😍 and go for soulful sleep. Again, new day new challenges but not ordinary ….b’cuz being human itself is not so ordinary. Different people, different genders,different physic, different thought process, different challenges, different character, different faces, different work,different food, different dressing sense ….so many different and at last different Zindagi (life)……. so, how my or your’s life is ordinary? No….I am unique….My Zindagi (life) is unique, in fact we all are unique in very unique Zindagi(life)  but u know what makes me unique as per me…… I think about this amazing life🙂 So, it was my brief Intro…….and I really wanna know what you lovely souls think about this beautiful life? or do u really ever think about this most happening life…???? Waiting for your answers😊

let’s love Zindagi😍😁


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